What is the theory of unexpected red in decoration? Perhaps you have asked yourself this question in recent days, since it is a term that has gone viral on TikTok, and we all already know that now memes and viral news, trends and challenges, all of this, appear first on this social network. .

The theory of unexpected red has been the protagonist of a video uploaded on TikTok by New York designer Taylor Simon. In her video, she tells us that the theory of red “consists of adding something red to a space where, apparently, it doesn’t match at all. That space will automatically look better thanks to the color contrast.” This theory went incredibly viral and a hashtag was even created to talk about it:

Basically, that unexpected red that we place in a space, an element that can be large or small, is, in the designer’s words, like “the lipstick of our house.” Red, furthermore, is a color with a thousand nuances. Specifically, not 1,000, but more than 100 shades are currently known (105, to be specific). What if burgundy, cherry, carmine, mulberry red, blood red, maroon, scarlet… red serves to give character to your house, so that a certain point draws attention and, by contrast, the rest shines much more than before.

Decorating can be exciting or a simple routine to get by. The theory of unexpected red turns it into an activity with which to play to get the best out of our house.