After the singer Emilia’s visit, and the question that Pablo Motos did not dare to ask her, El Hormiguero closed the week with the visit of Ana Guerra, Laura Escanes, Rosa López and Mariló Montero. The four guests are the finalists of El Desafío and one of them will win this Friday in her grand finale.

The four highlighted that thanks to this contest they have managed to realize that they are capable of exceeding their limits, although it has also left them with a huge void after finishing. Escanes came to confess that after finishing the recordings she felt “like when you come back from the camp and you miss your friends”.

For Ana Guerra, her time on the program was also something very special, where she has been reunited with Roberto Leal after Operación Triunfo and her visits to Pasapalabra. “I learned that the limits are set by yourself, when you surround yourself with people who believe in you, it’s wonderful,” she said.

Motos wanted to talk about the mythical test such as apnea. Mariló Montero recalled her great anguish in her test in which she managed to exceed four minutes, staying in the top positions of the classification. She revealed that she had more help than that of the specialized coach, being one of her classmates the one who gave her the best advice.

The journalist recalled that that day her partner told her to pee on herself: “I did it on myself.” The singer wanted to qualify that sentence, which had a reason: “Our freediving coach recommended that I pee. That was the sign that, when I felt like it, it was that I had been underwater for more than three minutes.”

“Because the sphincter loosens, like when you run. You relax and pee. When the contractions pass, the burning sensation in the neck is the same, almost a heart attack,” added the Andalusian. “Now everyone will know that I have bathed in Rosa’s water,” acknowledged the presenter.

Motos, who in addition to being the presenter of El Hormiguero is a producer of El Desafío, gave a piece of information that nobody expected after these scatological confessions from his guests. “I remind you that the water in the tank where you do it is not changed…”, he said to the laughter of the entire set.

But it was not the only time that Mariló took center stage during the interview, both Laura and Ana had few opportunities to speak, even stealing Pablo Motos’ floor to ask Roberto Leal questions when they connected with him to talk about the Pasapalabra boat. This attitude provoked criticism from viewers on social networks.