Today, May 16, the third season of one of the red giant’s most successful series, The Bridgertons, premiered on Netflix. The fiction, which is based on the popular novels by Julia Quinn and produced by Shonda Rhimes, has become a mass phenomenon, managing to position itself as one of the most viewed productions on the platform.

However, this new installment will have a very significant change. And the third season will arrive on Netflix divided into two parts of four chapters each. The first of them arrives this Thursday and the second will premiere on June 13.

In the first season we learned about the love story of Daphne Bridgerton, the current Duchess of Hastings, and her husband Lord Simon Basset. During the second installment, viewers fell in love with the exciting story of the family’s firstborn, Anthony Bridgerton, and the current Viscountess, Kate Sharma.

Now, the plot of the fiction will focus on Colin Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington. A decision that completely surprised fans of the series, since Julia Quinn’s third book tells the story of Benedict Bridgerton. During all this time there has been a lot of speculation about the reason that led the creators of the series to skip the order of the novels to make this third season.

Just before the premiere of the new chapters, the executive producer of the series, Betsy Beers, revealed in a talk on the official podcast of the series, Inside the Ton: The Wallflower, the real reason why the second brother is not the new one protagonist.

The executive producer revealed that they had decided to skip the third book for several reasons. The first of them is that Penelope and Colin had been two very important characters in the first two seasons.

”We fell in love with them and wanted to know more about them. But the most important thing is her dynamic where she is in love with him, but Colin has no idea. We felt that it was a plot that could not be extended any further. We wanted to put her dynamic in a new direction and see what happens,’ she clarified.

Furthermore, Beers confessed that Benedict’s development had influenced the decision. ”Benedict is one of the big favorites, he has a great appetite for adventure and it didn’t feel right for him to settle down in the third season of the series. “I feel like we want to see more of his adventures and give him some extra antics before he’s ready to meet his person,” he explained.

”It’s a good point because, in addition, we have seen two trains circulating, Penelope and Colin, with whom we have investigated much more into their stories. Colin’s entire experience with Marina in the first season and obviously Penelope has been in the spotlight since we found out that she is Lady Whistledown. So it made a lot of sense for these two characters to be,’ she clarified.