In July 2021, Semana magazine exclusively revealed the separation of presenter Ramón García and his wife, Patricia Cerezo, after 24 years of marriage and two children together. The two have gone widely separate paths since then, with the Madrid native beginning a relationship with Kike Gámez, current global director of E-commerce at Telefónica, while his former partner still remains single.

Despite the differences that ended their relationship three years ago, both maintain cordiality and coincided at the graduation of Verónica, their youngest daughter. The event took place at the British Council School in Madrid this past Thursday, through a traditional party attended by all the students and their families. Despite the prominence of the students, García and Cerezo made the news for a striking anecdote.

Many media outlets specialized in social chronicles reported that the separation was amicable, but no trace of this instance was non-existent during the ceremony. The presenter of the Grand Prix on La 1 chose to avoid being seen with his ex-wife at all times, despite spending a pleasant evening with his family. In fact, the Bilbao native left the premises a few minutes before Patricia and Verónica left.

According to Europa Press exclusively, the reason for this early departure was to “avoid being photographed together and attracting all attention,” leaving the mother-daughter duo appearing alone in front of the cameras. An attitude opposite to the one she showed three years earlier during the launch of her eldest daughter, Natalia. On that occasion Ramon García did appear in images, but without wanting to talk about his personal life.

“We did it between the two of us. We both chatted with them, which is how it should be done, and they understood it perfectly. Nowadays boys and girls are sadly very used to seeing breakups of their parents or friends’ marriages. Therefore, when you explain everything to them, they understand it better than our generation, for example,” explained the communicator, who also had words about his divorce in several interviews.

“In a divorce you suffer a lot. The feeling you are left with is one of failure. There are people who say no, because in the end it is a new life. I have the feeling of having failed in a project you had done. You have to learn to live differently. It’s going very badly. For those things I am very sentimental. I didn’t handle it well and it’s hard to get out of there. Also, following the day to day life, with two wonderful daughters that we have in common. And from that you create a new life,” he said on La 2.