Rafael Amargo has been arrested again. The well-known bailaor, who was already arrested for drug trafficking in 2020 and who will be tried for this in June, found himself involved in the same situation last Thursday afternoon in Alicante. A fact that has not gone unnoticed by anyone.

Neither for the television programs, which soon echoed this news that led the bailaor to declare before the police stations, despite being released with precautionary measures a posteriori, with the obligation to go to court every fortnight .

They have reported on this this Friday, March 17, in The Ana Rosa program, where, in addition, they have had an interview with the artist’s lawyer, who has been “surprised” by this new arrest when he was leaving a performance in the city of the Valencian Community.

“Honestly, the evidence is very flimsy, circumstantial, and not very solid,” Jaime Caballero stressed by telephone on Telecinco’s morning show, who has not hesitated to affirm that there is something that does not add up to said arrest.

“We were afraid that something would happen and what a coincidence, and I am not going to speak ill of anyone, that it is the same police officers, with the same number and at the same police station” who have proceeded to do so. “It is an alien, new fact, but coincidentally they are the same researchers,” he stressed.

In fact, for Amargo’s lawyer “it is as if some loose end had been left. They see a loose end that they have had to tie up in order to prove something that they had hardly ever proven. I think it is fair to say this part because we know about the problem that Rafael had in his house when the first episode took place and what he was looking for was a little to settle him with the neighbors ”.

Annoyed, but cautious, Caballero has defended that the circumstances between the two arrests are “totally different” and has stressed that his client’s apartment, located on Espiritu Santo street in Madrid, “was not a drug apartment.” “It is a low floor in a very conflictive area of ​​Madrid and a number of people of all kinds got in.” However, he has called for prudence and to wait to hear the evidence from the Police in order to give more details.