The excitement of winning a television contest and the rush of knowing that your bank account is going to get a big boost is something indescribable. But before you start making plans, there is a small detail that cannot be forgotten: Treasury. Óscar Díaz, the brand new winner of the Pasapalabra jackpot, took home the impressive sum of 1,816,000 euros. However, a considerable part of that amount will be used to comply with his tax obligations.

In a recent talk on Julia on Onda Cero, Óscar and Rafa Castaño, who won the largest jackpot in the history of the program, estimated at 2,272,000 euros, assessed the impact and importance of taxes. “In the end, you don’t live alone. When you live in a society, you have to submit to a series of obligations. Your contribution is good because not only do you benefit other people, it also benefits you,” Castaño commented in the interview.

Castaño, who had to give 1,053,000 euros to the Treasury, has also addressed the economic difficulties of his generation: “Many of my friends cannot buy a house. “I, in the end, cannot share my life with them, we are not in the same place.” 

In addition, he has highlighted the personal satisfaction that he gets from contributing fiscally: “I love paying taxes, not only if I have a lot of money, but also to remember that I am not alone in this world. There is a generation of people who have their needs and the fact of earning a lot of money does nothing to stop you from being in society.”

Díaz, who a few days ago also expressed his happiness for collaborating with the public coffers with 789,960 euros, has joined the sentiment of his predecessor and has expressed his personal vision of taxes: “We live in society. I believe in the progressivity of taxes. I am not a messiah, I believe that we contribute for the benefit of all. The two clearest focuses, which we all think about, are education and health, but also the ground we walk on or other things.”

In this sense, the new winner of Pasapalabra has made a plea in favor of taxes: “I want Spain to be a country that is a little more equal. If we hide behind what one does wrong, that X amount of money is spent badly or that the system is imperfect so as not to fulfill our obligations, we contribute to eroding society.”