The Promise has returned to the small screen one more day with a most exciting episode. In the latest installment of the Spanish Television La 1 series, Manuel shocks everyone after deciding to go to war with his cousin Curro. The news destroys Jana, the first to learn of this suicidal decision, and she debates whether to tell Manuel that Curro is actually her brother before he leaves for the front. Finally, she decides to leave him a note from her to read from her when she is already at war. Meanwhile, Lorenzo is forced to leave La Promesa on Alonso’s orders, but before leaving, he reveals Pelayo’s lies to Catalina. Pelayo has no choice but to admit his deception, and this is the last lie that Catalina is willing to tolerate, which means the final goodbye to the Count of Añil.

For her part, Virtues confesses to her mother that everything terrible that Norberta told her about her is true: she was a prostitute and abandoned her son. Vera, tired of Santos’ extortion, decides to risk everything for her relationship with Lope and tells him her true origins. Petra, after receiving a harsh reprimand from the Marchioness, rebels and threatens to reveal that the Marchioness murdered Mr. Tomás, forcing Cruz to bow down to Petra. Furthermore, María Fernández says goodbye to her, finally accepting the job offer in the palace of the Dukes of Abrontes, the farewell to Jana, her great friend, being the most painful of hers.

In the next chapter of The Promise, a time jump of several months occurs that radically changes the situation on the farm. Cruz, devastated by the possibility that Manuel may have died in the war, organizes a dinner to celebrate her son’s birthday. In this difficult time, her friend María Antonia arrives as a new character, providing support and relief. Her presence becomes a balm for the tense relationship between the marquises, who have distanced themselves from her. However, María Antonia not only brings comfort, but also future problems for the marriage.

On the other hand, Catalina has exiled herself to the hangar due to a past affront by Cruz and Pelayo has disappeared without a trace. María Fernández, finally, did not accept the job with the Dukes of Abrontes and continues in La Promesa. Furthermore, Vera and Santos are now forced together, which destroys Lope, who finds himself on a dark path and in debt to dangerous people. Petra, the new housekeeper, abuses her position, especially with Pía, who has been demoted to maid.