The Promise has returned to the small screen one more day with a most exciting episode. In the latest installment of the Spanish Television La 1 series, María Fernández accepts the job offer from the Dukes of Abrontes and becomes her personal maid. This decision implies that she will leave The Promise, news that fills the service with mixed feelings. Furthermore, María and Salvador are worried about the situation between Vera and Lope, who suspects that she is cheating on him with Santos, without knowing the complete truth. Meanwhile, Simona and Candela are devastated and shocked after Norberta’s revelation about Virtues. The moving and tragic story of Virtues’ past explains her respiratory crisis, a fact the cooks would never have imagined.

On the other hand, Catalina confronts Pelayo to discover if there are more lies that she should know, and it is confirmed that there is. At the same time, the Count of Añil has a strong confrontation with Alonso, who accuses him of taking advantage of his generosity to carry out arms deals with Cavendish in The Promise. Furthermore, Blanca Palomar leaves the palace, causing Cruz to confirm that she was not the woman Manuel was talking about. This worries the marchioness, who will not rest until she discovers the true lover of her son. Faced with growing tension between Lorenzo and Catalina over the jam business, Alonso takes drastic action and demands that Lorenzo leave La Promesa.

In the next chapter of The Promise, Manuel surprises everyone with his decision to go to war with his cousin Curro. The news destroys Jana, who is the first to find out about this reckless decision. The young woman considers revealing to Curro that he is actually her brother before his departure to the front, a secret that could change everything. Meanwhile, Lorenzo is expelled from La Promesa by order of Alonso, but before leaving, he reveals Pelayo’s lies to Catalina. Forced to admit that he has lied again, Pelayo faces the fury of Catalina, who decides that this is the last lie he will tolerate, sealing the final goodbye to the Count of Añil.

On the other hand, farewells to María Fernández follow one another, as she must leave for the palace of the Dukes of Abrontes after accepting her job offer. In parallel, Salvador informs Ricardo about Santos’ harassment of Vera, intensifying tensions. Furthermore, Cruz is still anxious to discover who Manuel is in love with, but what she ends up finding out is much worse: in Tuesday’s episode of The Promise, she discovers that her son has also gone to war with Curro, a devastating blow that threatens with further destabilizing their world.