The Promise has returned to the small screen one more day with a most exciting episode. In the last installment of the Spanish Television La 1 series, she finally confesses to Santos that she is actually the daughter of the Dukes of Carril, thus revealing her true identity. Despite her new status as a maid, Vera begs him to keep her secret.

However, Santos sets a condition for her to remain silent: he wants to be with her and demands that she break up with Lope, who is deeply disconcerted upon learning of the situation.

Blanca Palomar informs the marquises of her imminent departure from La Promesa, which fills the marchioness with joy, who has always suspected that Blanca is Manuel’s lover. Meanwhile, Pelayo confesses to Catalina that he gave the money intended for the weapons to Lorenzo, after being the victim of extortion. Catalina, needing those funds to rescue the jam business, tries to recover them from the captain, but she is unsuccessful in her effort.

On the other hand, Norberta has appeared at the palace to make a shocking revelation to Simona and Candela about Virtues. He has assured them that the young woman is not as innocent and kind as she appears. According to Norberta, Virtues’ strange behavior is due to a horrible act committed in the past, something so disturbing that it is eating her up inside of her.

In the next chapter of La Promesa, María Fernández has decided to stay in La Promesa, rejecting the job offer from the Dukes of Abrontes. This news brings relief to all service personnel. However, now María and Salvador are worried about the situation between Vera and Lope. Lope suspects that Vera is cheating on him with Santos, ignoring the complex motives behind it.

On the other hand, Simona and Candela are devastated and in shock after Norberta’s revelation about Virtues. The cooks never imagined something so shocking. Norberta has told them about a horrible event from Virtudes’ past, which is behind her respiratory crisis and which deeply torments her.

Meanwhile, Blanca Palomar’s departure from the palace has led Cruz to confirm that she was not the woman Manuel was referring to, which worries the marchioness. Determined to discover the true identity of her son’s lover, she will not rest until she solves the mystery.

Finally, the tension between Lorenzo and his daughter Catalina over the jam business has reached a critical point. Alonso, tired of the conflicts, orders Lorenzo to leave La Promesa definitively and immediately, putting an end to the family dispute.