The first program Ni que Fuerámos Shhh, the heir to the program Sálvame on digital platforms after its departure from the television grid, continues to sweep the show in less than 24 hours since its premiere. Before starting the second installment of the program, its first broadcast has exceeded one million views across all its broadcast platforms.

The return of María Patiño, Belén Esteban, Víctor Sandoval, Lydia Lozano and Kiko Matamoros to the live show has accumulated this Thursday a total of 597,386 views through YouTube and Twitch, data that includes all the views recorded during the live show plus the delayed views accumulated on both digital platforms.

To reach the million views that the program celebrates, we must add the reproductions of content on social networks. A total of 440,900 views of the Quickie Channel reels on Instagram plus 30,382 views of the Quickie channel on TikTok in the last 24 hours. In addition, through the TIVIFY platform they add another 42,000 views and another 50,000 through the Zappi platform. A total of 1,068,614 views.

The attention to the first program of former Sálvame collaborators also spread to X (formerly Twitter). During its broadcast, Ni que fuerámos Shhh generated five trending topics on the social network and the name of Belén Esteban was a trend throughout the afternoon with more than 26,700 posts.

The premiere lasted three hours, from four to seven in the afternoon and was the most watched live show in Spain during its time slot, only surpassed that day by the kings of the stream, AuronPlay and Ibai Llanos, who had about 10,000 people in audience. average throughout its broadcast.

To these data, however, we should add the viewers who enjoyed the program on Canarian DTT, since viewing is also available through Atlántico Televisión, so the figure could increase.