The last year has been a real roller coaster for the couple formed by the soccer player Sergio Rico and the influencer Alba Silva. Last year, at the El Rocío pilgrimage, the Sevillian soccer player suffered a serious accident with a horse that left him in the hospital for several months.

The young athlete’s health was critical and doctors had to induce a coma. For weeks, hundreds of national and international media outlets carefully monitored the progress of the goalkeeper, who hardly showed any changes. However, the man clung to life and began to improve, something that filled the family with excitement.

Throughout the entire process, Silva responded to the media with politeness and respect and appeared strong, patient and optimistic. When Rico began to improve, the content creator was full and happy and she shared different posts on Instagram.

After a while, the Andalusian was discharged and left the Virgen del Rocío Hospital, a place that had been his home for months. Once he arrived home, the athlete began a new phase of recovery.

Thanks to what they have been sharing on social networks we have been able to see how the celebrities have recovered their lives little by little and how the player has been resuming small day-to-day activities.

Currently, Rico’s health status is a mystery, as the couple has decided to keep the 30-year-old’s medical condition private. Instead, everything seems to be going well because the lovebirds announced a few weeks ago that they will become parents for the first time.

In this way, Alba Silva and Sergio Rico have transformed one of the most traumatic years of their lives into one of the most hopeful and happy. As they have made known, the couple is really excited about the topic of pregnancy.

A few hours ago, the digital creator shared some stories on her official Instagram profile that have attracted a lot of attention from her followers. In these publications you can see the businesswoman making the journey to El Rocío, which makes us think that she will also attend the pilgrimage dedicated to the Virgin of Andalusia that is celebrated this weekend.

The young woman has published a selfie in which she can be seen dressed for the occasion. In this photo she appears especially smiling for sharing the moment with the baby she is carrying in her belly: ”Her first journey”. With this snapshot, Silva confirms that she does not have any type of trauma with the celebration and that she prefers to leave what happened last year behind and focus on the beautiful future that she has ahead of her.