Victoria Frederica de Marichalar y de Borbón is one of the most media-friendly young characters in current Spanish society. The daughter of Infanta Elena and niece of King Felipe VI, she has a wide range of followers on her social networks, which allow her to expand her horizons and show the various high society events she attends. A life as an influencer that for a few hours seemed like he would combine with an acting career.

However, this possibility has been ruled out just over 24 hours after it was revealed. It was on Thursday afternoon when Semana magazine exclusively published that Victoria Federica would debut as an actress in a television series. According to “completely credible sources,” the member of the royal household would be “part of an audiovisual production that is still in the development phase.” Information that has turned out to be false.

The granddaughter of King Emeritus Juan Carlos I has contacted exclusively Y Ahora Sonsoles, the Antena 3 evening show presented by Sonsoles Ónega, to deny this point through the model and collaborator Tamara Gorro. A very close acquaintance of the influencer, she has categorically denied that her debut as an actress was true, as well as the fact that she had been “hand-picked” to participate.

Gorro herself admitted that Victoria Federica was well positioned in terms of her career within high society events. She described her as a very affectionate girl who has done good work and who has earned the interest of many brands and names thanks to her good work. Likewise, she confirmed that her acquaintance was carrying this recurring popularity satisfactorily.

A staging that took place in a more public way at the beginning of May, when he gave his first interview on A solas, Vicky Martín Berrocal’s podcast on Podimo. In her conversation with the TardeAR collaborator, Infanta Elena’s daughter confessed that she felt trapped after being born within the Spanish crown, feeling its pressure and facing untrue headlines such as that of her alleged acting debut.

“There are times when I do feel caged. There are many headlines that are not true, many that are made up and those in the end are the ones that really affect. I go out on the street with a friend and he is already my boyfriend. When I am with a friend at dinner, I am more aware of whether they are going to take a photo of me than of the dinner, because they are going to say that he is my boyfriend,” she protested.