Mónica Naranjo turns half a century this Thursday, May 23. An anniversary that, in turn, shares with the 30 years of his start in the world of music this 2024. More than half his life dedicated to one of his passions that has made him become one of the best-known faces on the scene media and the music industry, both nationally and in Latin America.

A success that has been forged over the years, in which he has not hesitated to change his register both in his songs and in the programs in which he has attended. She herself has assured on numerous occasions that she changes according to what she feels like at that moment. Something that has also been present in her physical appearance.

In this last decade, the very young Mónica Naranjo, who began to succeed in Spain with two-color hair, has gone far. Her first appearance in the country, and the one that marked a before and after in her career, took place on the program Surprise ¡Sorpresa!, after having spent several years in Mexico to make a place for herself in the sector.

Years after establishing herself as a national artist, the Catalan managed to establish herself completely with her album Minage, released in 2000. In it appear some of her songs that have managed to be among the hits of that time, among which are I will survive or Now, now.

A new stage in his career that is accompanied by a change of look. The singer decided to go for long black hair and a much more thuggish style, going so far as to wear latex outfits in her most memorable performances.

After a time at the top, Mónica Naranjo decided to take a break and disappeared from the scene due to the difficult personal moments she was going through due to, among other things, the death of her brother. Even so, her powerful voice continued to ring through her most die-hard fans. And it was in 2008 when she returned, seven years later, with her album Tarantula, where songs like Europa are found.

And it was in 2012 when he decided to return permanently, embarking on a new project: being a judge for Your face sounds to me. With brown hair and makeup according to her personality, Mónica Naranjo’s appearance changed completely, always wanting to show elegance and sensuality.

During all these years, and until 2023, she has always opted for the same style, whether with straight hair, curly hair, a ponytail or a bun. But if it has been characterized by something, it is by his choices in the events he attends. During the pandemic she attended the 4th Aqui TV Awards gala with a transparent transparent mask.

But it was from 2023 onwards that it decided to make its most radical change. During the Benidorm Fest 2023 she appeared with her hair down to her shoulders and completely blonde, an appearance that many thought was a wig, but which was later confirmed to be a final decision.

Months after presenting the RTVE festival, he surprised everyone with a blow of scissors. Mónica Naranjo decided to welcome her new stage in her life with short hair and platinum blonde. Something that she continues to carry even today.

Currently, the singer is enjoying these recent 50 years immersed in her Puro Hits World Tour, where she wants to review her entire musical career. “The 30 years (of career) have arrived. And we continue with the same desire, the same intensity, but with more energy and enthusiasm,” she stated on her social networks.