Since her unexpected expulsion from Supervivientes 2024, Arantxa del Sol has become the absolute protagonist of this edition of the Telecinco program. Not only because of her time in the contest, but also because of the rumors of possible infidelity on the part of her husband, Finito de Córdoba, with Ángel Cristo Jr.’s partner, Ana Herminia Illas.

Some rumors that ended with the presenter losing her temper, exchanging insults with Bárbara Rey’s son and even attacking him. For this reason, Mediaset has decided to veto the presenter of the contest, a fact that they announced through a harsh statement.

“We are in terrible conditions and I never imagined all this… I didn’t understand anything… I insulted him, I used the same adjectives as him, like crab, parasite, I said harsh things to him, really, and at one point I slapped him and I told him ‘that’s enough for you’. She was super angry. And that’s all,” the presenter confessed to Sandra Barneda on Conexión Honduras last Sunday.

A confession in response to which Mediaset España has been forced to take action, casting doubt on the Cordoba presenter’s upcoming appearances on the Telecinco set – which for the moment will be void.

“After knowing, through the testimony carried out yesterday by Arantxa del Sol in Supervivientes. Conexión Honduras, the incident involving the former contestant with Ángel Cristo Jr., Mediaset España, in compliance with its Code of Ethics, has decided not to include the former participant in the reality shows again,” the Fuencarral group reported.

A decision that comes after, after Arantxa del Sol’s confession, hundreds of viewers put their hands on their heads and demanded some type of disciplinary measure against the presenter, because if it had been the other way around and Ángel Cristo was the aggressor, they would have acted immediately.

“He acknowledges that he even put his hand on Ángel, if it turns out to be the other way around, Ángel will be disciplinaryly expelled,” protests one of the program’s followers on the social network X (formerly Twitter). “You have been aware of this aggression and have hidden it until it began to leak through social networks,” said another.

For the presenter, everything is due to how Ángel Cristo and his partner have used them. “I probably didn’t know how to manage it well, but I didn’t know what I was seeing and I was feeling used, and I think my husband was also being used. We got along very well and I knew about Ana Herminia’s friendship with my husband, but they used us.”

Arantxa del Sol confessed to Sandra Barneda and, although visibly regretful, justified her actions due to the conditions and the moment in which she experienced this entire situation. It must be added that the presenter herself left the set voluntarily after her confession, very affected.

“He has told something that is affecting him greatly. She has told a very unpleasant episode where she loses her temper. We’ll see what happens with all that. But if she didn’t tell it, Ángel Cristo Jr. was going to tell it,” Sandra Barneda revealed moments later.