Marta Riesco has been staying away from television for some time now. The ex-partner of Antonio David Flores has not reappeared on Telecinco after the production company Unicorn Content, run by Ana Rosa Quintana, and Mediaset, decided to dispense with her after her controversial disputes with popular faces of the network, such as Jorge Javier Vázquez. She now lives a quiet life, although from time to time she makes headlines again. The last ones have to do with her affair with Cristian Suescun, Sofía’s brother. The reporter has revealed what is really between them.

It was two weeks ago when images of the journalist kissing Cristian Suescun at a well-known party were leaked. The images were published through the ‘La Cuernis’ Instagram account and put a possible romance between the two on the table. “They were in the same group. They spent much of the night hugging, making out and very lovey-dovey,” she said.

After the images came to light, it was Marta Riesco herself who spoke out. “Yesterday I had a very, very good time at the Bresh, you don’t need to send me more videos, I’ve seen it, and nothing, well that’s it, I had a great time,” she began by saying. “I’m very sorry to deromanticize this moment, but it was the result of last night’s good vibes,” she expressed, ensuring that there is no romantic relationship between the two.

In the last hours, Riesco reappeared publicly and hinted that he would not mind repeating his night of passion with Suescun. “He hasn’t come, luckily. Not for nothing, but because what a shame,” the reporter began by saying during the presentation of the film Nina. “It’s the milk, I have an incredible affection for her, well I know that she was evident. They are super good people. Furthermore, I have known him for many years. I’m always great with him, he’s been very good with me and I’ve been very good with him too. Come on, we are colleagues,” she said.

“For one day when we brush against each other, they catch us. The truth is that I’m still a little naïve about that. It seems incredible to me that this is news. It is true that there was a rapprochement there, but there is no type of relationship or anything like that. The next day ‘Marta Riesco’s new love’. “I was dead,” she expressed, about what she thought of her affair coming to light.

The reporter assures that it did not go beyond a night of passion. “It was a ‘wiggle’ of the night, a little bit of revelry, some copillas, a dance, pim pam and very good,” she explained. “If it happens again, well look, that’s what I’m wearing for my bodysuit,” she said, laughing, about a possible new meeting between the two.