In the latest episode of ‘Survivors: Breaking News’, viewers witnessed an impressive display of fishing skills by the show’s female contestants. Marieta, known for her controversial participation in ‘The Island of Temptations’, stood out by obtaining several copies, thus feeding the group in Playa Olimpo and collaborating in the Poseidon test.

With enthusiasm and pride, Marieta announced her achievement to her disbelieving classmates, defying the expectations of those who doubted her ability to survive on the island: “I dedicate it to those who said that I was going to last here a week and that I was not going to contribute nothing.”

Miriam Pérez-Cabrero, for her part, also contributed significantly to the daily menu with her catches, confidently proclaiming that they are the best fisherwomen.

The fishing day was not exclusive to Marieta and Miriam, since Blanca Manchón and Aurah Ruiz also joined the action in Playa Condena. The Canarian contestant, Aurah, celebrated the success of the day by counting an impressive total of 17 fish, enthusiastically proclaiming the title of “fishing cats.”

While the women demonstrated their fishing skills, the male group focused on different tasks, collecting firewood to cook the food caught by the contestants. This division of tasks highlights the fundamental role that women play in the survival of the group on the island.

The girls’ fishing skill not only demonstrates their ability to adapt to the island’s hostile environment, but also challenges gender stereotypes, showing that both men and women are capable of deploying skills crucial for survival in extreme conditions.