Once again, the doors of the First Dates restaurant have opened to welcome a new batch of singles. On this occasion, those selected by the program presented by Carlos Sobera have declared that they really want to meet people and, mainly, to find love.

Defying all those who defend that love does have an age, Jesus has arrived in space defining himself as “a young boy despite his age.” The man, who worked throughout his life as a tailor, has been retired for more than 22 years and is currently 87 years old.

Upon meeting Sobera, the man has been honest and confessed that he has not known love for more than ten years: ”I don’t want to be with a woman to take care of grandchildren. “I’m not here to take care of children, let those who make them take care of them.”

When asked what type of woman he is looking for, Jesús was clear and pleasantly surprised the host of the Cuatro program: ”I want a partner and nothing more. I don’t care what she is like.”

Ana María has been chosen to have dinner with Jesus. The woman has arrived at the restaurant stomping and has declared that she does not look or feel as 80 years old as she is. Speaking with Sobera, the woman, her widow, has declared that she is looking for the man of her life: ”Let’s see if he comes once I’m bored of being alone.”

The first impression has been very good. The woman has pointed out that her companion does not have a belly and she does have hair, so she was very happy. In a first contact, Ana María told her date that she is from Andalusia, but that she has been in Barcelona for more than 65 years.

”Catalan and Andalusian, what a mix I have, I can’t stand it. I have it all, I’m fun, meddlesome, a badass… everything, I have it all,” Ana María declared before the cameras of the program and later shared that she left her homeland before turning 17 to ”serve ” in a house.

Throughout the meeting, the singles have shared some of their hobbies: the beach, dancing, etc. ”I like how he is and his way of thinking,” the Madrid-based man from Burgos said about his partner.

In general, the date between Jesús and Ana María has been one of the most beautiful in the history of First Dates, however, the distance has meant that the single man has seen nothing more in the woman than a beautiful friendship.