Psychiatrist Marian Rojas Estapé has shared several keys to establishing the foundations of a lasting relationship as a couple. For her, everything begins with something fundamental: being good with yourself before being able to be good with others.

He emphasized that looking good and treating yourself well are crucial aspects that directly impact the quality of interpersonal relationships.

Rojas Estapé highlighted the need for effective communication as a fundamental pillar for the success of a couple. He highlighted the importance of working on how to express thoughts and feelings, avoiding negative phrases like “we left it.”

He emphasized that good relationships are built on the basis of patience, affection and the ability to actively listen to the partner.

The expert stressed that healthy relationships are not based on instant gratification and dopamine, but on building a solid long-term bond.

He highlighted the need to cultivate patience and mutual understanding, as well as to address challenges constructively rather than seeking quick solutions.

Marian Rojas Estapé’s words offered practical and insightful advice to strengthen and maintain long-lasting, healthy relationships.

Her comprehensive approach to relationship building highlights the importance of cultivating strong self-esteem, effective communication, and mutual commitment for growth and happiness as a couple.