Love can appear in the most unexpected places. It is a highly sought after, felt and desired feeling throughout the planet, where millions of people try to achieve it in every possible way. Whether through social encounters, phone applications or even television shows, any point is good to find the ideal person. A fact that in Spain has a certain history.

Programs like First Dates on Cuatro are the clear modern example of finding a partner on the small screen, while Patricia’s Diary on Antena 3 also had the opportunity to connect multiple people. This Friday afternoon And now Sonsoles has had the opportunity to expose the love search of another person: Mari Paz, who for the last 30 years had been a nun in a convent.

It was in 2021 when he decided to give up the habit and look for a person who would give him the affection that he felt he was missing, but his journey to this point was not easy. The images prior to the interview detailed how the main nun of the convent gave her 1,000 euros and some train tickets to help her start her new life, and currently she lives in a rented room for 600 euros a month.

Her steps around the world were not easy either, as she herself explained to Sonsoles Ónega. Six months premature and with twelve siblings in total, she knew from a young age that she wanted to be a nun. A feeling that was amplified when her grandmother took care of her after a hospital admission, having a complicated relationship with her mother. And her brothers received multiple abuses from her parents.

After the grandmother’s death, the disputes with the parents became worse and much more violent: both of them beat the minors and even each other. Mari Paz even described a case in which her father tore off a door bar and started chasing her mother with it. Since then, they were never heard from again, but the protagonist of the interview was able to hide her brothers, before a nun who was begging for alms chose to take them in. Three decades later, she had had to bury all the members of her family.

Three years after leaving the convent, but her love situation is not working out. Mari Paz explained before the cameras that she had met a man who gave her butterflies, and that she wanted to feel love. Sonsoles Ónega discovered to him during the conversation that several more suitors had made contact with the program’s telephone number, assuring him that they would filter them for later.