María José Suárez and Álvaro Muñoz Escassi immersed themselves in the Rocío tradition, walking with their Brotherhood of Coria del Río in an experience that mixed moments of joy with a slight setback. The couple’s social networks reflected their enthusiasm for participating in this significant annual event.

In the images shared on their profiles, the couple can be seen looking impeccably, immersed in the festive atmosphere of Rocío, surrounded by friends and family. The complicity and love between them is evident in every snapshot, showing their happiness in this very special experience for them.

According to a report from Sevilla Magazine, María José Suárez and Álvaro Muñoz Escassi joined the Camino del Rocío with the Brotherhood of Coria, the model’s hometown. During their pilgrimage, they shared endearing moments and joined the vibrant energy that characterizes this celebration that brings together thousands of people in the village of Almonte.

However, a funny incident involving María José Suárez added a touch of humor to her day. In a video shared on social networks, Álvaro Muñoz Escassi is heard laughing while he records her girlfriend in the bushes, after a small trip that almost caused her to fall. The couple shared laughter and complicity, turning this small mishap into a memorable anecdote of his experience in El Rocío.

“Where do you come from, Pepa? “I can’t handle my pepa!” Álvaro joked while María José recovered from the trip. Joy and good humor were the common denominator of their participation in this Andalusian festivity, making it clear that, beyond the unforeseen events, they are fully enjoying their time together during El Rocío.