The public dispute between Alba Carrillo and Feliciano López seems to have no end, and the former model does not hesitate to express her opinion without filters. In a recent interview with SEMANA, Carrillo did not bite his tongue when talking about her marriage to López, calling it a “failure.”

The collaborator also pointed out that, although in many aspects they are “super antagonistic”, they both agree on this assessment of their relationship.

Carrillo commented in the interview: “I think the only thing that he and I agree on, because in politics and in everything we are super antagonistic, is that getting married was a real failure. Look, I know him and I know what he is like because we have shared a bed and I know that there are things that he pretends don’t bother him, but then they do bother him. Although he may not seem like it, he is human.”

In addition, Carrillo revealed a detail about López’s behavior on social networks, stating that the tennis player has Google notifications activated with his name. This statement suggests a clear obsession with what is said about him on the internet, as expressed by Carrillo during the interview.

Carrillo also added: “Do you think Feliciano googles his name? Yes Yes. But it’s not that he believes it. I know it and I confirm it. He has notifications turned on. Yes, he does find out. Don’t pull my tongue… Now it turns out that he has become a television character, but look, sorry, this is not a mixed bag and we can’t all fit in. You weren’t an athlete? It seems very good to me that now he wants to be on television, but he doesn’t have the grace or the salt shaker. He doesn’t have it.”

The relationship between Carrillo and López has been a topic of public interest since their separation, with controversial statements by both parties. The former model has been especially frank in speaking about her ex-husband, highlighting his inability to organize her own domestic life as evidence of her disagreement with the criticism she receives.

These new statements by Carrillo resurface in the midst of a long history of public conflicts between the former couple, adding fuel to a dispute that seems to have no end. Despite both of their attempts to move forward in their respective lives, public comments continue to fuel controversy.