Mandy Moore Announces Pregnancy and Baby’s Gender After Fertility Struggles

This Is Us actress Mandy Moore has shared the heartwarming news of her pregnancy with her third child, revealing the baby’s gender in an Instagram post that has left fans overjoyed. The 40-year-old actress posted a picture of her two sons, Gus and Ozzie, wearing matching white T-shirts with one reading “Big” and the other “Middle.” In the caption, Mandy announced, “Sometimes life imitates art. The third in our own Big Three coming soon. Can’t wait for these boys to have a baby sister,” referencing her role on the hit show This Is Us where she played a mother of triplets.

Fans flooded the comments section with congratulatory messages, expressing their excitement for the growing family. This happy news comes after Mandy’s previous struggles with fertility, as she was once told she had a slim chance of getting pregnant. Despite undergoing surgery to address medical issues, Mandy was hesitant to believe she could conceive until she became pregnant with Gus.

In a candid interview, Mandy shared her journey to motherhood and the challenges she faced along the way. She emphasized the joy and chaos of motherhood, describing it as a beautiful yet tiring experience. Mandy credited her role as Rebecca on This Is Us for helping her navigate the early days of motherhood, from changing diapers to managing the demands of raising two young children.

Mandy and her husband Taylor Goldsmith welcomed their first son Gus in February 2021, followed by the arrival of their second son Ozzie in October 2022. Despite the initial doubts about her ability to conceive, Mandy’s growing family is a testament to hope and resilience in the face of adversity. As fans eagerly await the arrival of their baby girl, Mandy’s pregnancy announcement serves as a reminder of the joy that new life brings amidst life’s challenges.