A suspected killer in Kansas City, Missouri, has been accused of hunting down sex workers, torturing them, and forcing them into sexual acts in exchange for food. The man, Tim Haslett, is facing charges of murder, rape, kidnapping, and sodomy related to at least two women, one of whom was Jaynie Crosdale, whose body was found in a blue barrel in the Missouri River.

The survivor of Haslett’s alleged crimes managed to escape and seek help from a good Samaritan who called 911. When police arrived at Haslett’s home in Excelsior Springs, they found evidence of torture, including electronic devices, chains, paddles, and cameras. Haslett had a room set up in his basement where he allegedly detained his victims. The survivor’s detailed descriptions of the torture and abuse have led law enforcement to believe there may be more victims.

Pictures on Haslett’s phone connected him to Crosdale’s death, and an SD card depicting individuals connected to her was found in his house. Haslett allegedly made threats to the survivor that he had taken someone else’s life and that she would suffer the same fate if she did not comply with his demands.

Crosdale’s family, who had not heard from her since 2022, spoke out about her struggles with addiction and the strained relationship they had with her. Despite her challenges, they remembered her as a kind and caring person when she was clean and sober.

The chilling details of Haslett’s crimes and the impact on the victims and their families serve as a stark reminder of the dangers faced by vulnerable individuals. Law enforcement continues to investigate the case in hopes of bringing justice to all the victims involved.