Ángel Cristo has become one of the most popular faces on current television. Bárbara Rey’s son has been one of the main protagonists of this edition of Survivors. However, Sofía Cristo’s brother had to say goodbye to the adventure last Tuesday after jumping the production safety limit and spending more than three hours lost in the jungle.

The program organization made the decision to penalize Bárbara Rey’s son with disciplinary expulsion. After several days away from the media spotlight, Ángel Cristo Jr. returned to Spain early this Friday in the presence of numerous media outlets who had traveled to the Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport to capture the first images of the edition’s protagonist.

The collaborators of Así es la vida talked about this whole matter on Friday afternoon. ”It has been the funniest arrival of Survivors of all. It was funnier than yours, Carmen,” Makoke began. Suso refuted his opinion and recalled that the former contestant had been expelled for breaking the rules of the program. 

For her part, Carmen Borrego confessed that Ángel Cristo “did what he wanted, even on a plane” (referring to his trident). An opinion that Makoke, who constantly interrupted Terelu Campos’ sister, did not agree with. ”When you talk, I don’t interrupt you, darling, but every time I open my mouth… So, no, I’ll shut up and you can talk,” Borrego asserted. 

The host of the program, César Muñoz, tried to put some peace between the two collaborators. ”Don’t be angry, don’t be angry, come on, talk,” he told her. ”No, I’m already pissed off, really. “It’s just that every time I open my mouth… It’s very unpleasant,” said Carmen Borrego about Makoke. 

After this tense moment, the collaborator continued with her speech about Ángel Cristo: ”He breaks the rules of airplanes. While I was present, the crew has repeatedly called attention to him because he breaks airplane rules. He is not capable of respecting the rules that we all respect. I don’t find it funny because it seems disrespectful to all the rest of us who do respect the rules.” ”Ángel Cristo is disobedient,” said Antonio Montero.