One day the American actor Robert Wagner stated that a dog teaches you what unconditional love is: “if you have this in life, everything else won’t be so bad,” he added. A sentiment shared by Rocío and José, the two people who gave life and shape to the dog accessories brand called Macurli.

A project that was born unexpectedly, as great things happen, and that starts from the love for these little four-legged furry dogs. Rocío, from Madrid based in Triana, Seville, trained as a political scientist before embarking on her own brand. Probably if they had told her before the pandemic broke out, she wouldn’t have believed it. Neither did her partner, José, who trained in telecommunications engineering.

To understand how, where and why Macurli was created, we must go back to 2020, a few weeks before the world came to a complete standstill. “Maca, a three-month-old dachshund puppy, arrived at our house, and a few weeks later we found ourselves confined without being able to leave the house,” explains Rocío.

A dog eager to play and go outside and two restless people forced not to move from their home resulted in this project. Rocío’s passion for knitting and crochet led her to design handmade accessories for her dog. “We began to order materials from different companies that were looking to survive, online, and make her first accessories at home,” she says.

After creating an Instagram account for Maca and publishing her first photos, her followers began to ask her about her new accessories. “As a result of the claim, it occurred to us to materialize our idea and create Macurli.” They began by manufacturing a collection of collars, leashes, toys and harnesses with climbing ropes, until they professionalized the manufacturing process with leather items, embroidery, bag holders, beds, dining tables and all types of customized accessories for dogs.

Casual, current, comfortable and youthful designs that were in perfect harmony with Rocío and José’s way of understanding life –nature lovers, home-loving, honest, supportive…- and that responded to their own needs. But that was only the starting point to reach a “whole.” A brand with marked values ​​with which the customer can feel identified.

“Human value, family and sustainability are the great foundations of our house,” explains Rocío. For them it is very important that the client perceives the personalized treatment, since each person and dog is unique, and so are their needs. “Understand our dogs as another member of the family and treat them as such,” she says. Sustainability is another essential element in the process chain. “Macurli means guaranteeing durability and less mass consumption.”

Another initiative that the brand boasts is of a solidarity nature and has been excellently received by customers. “Year after year, during the month of the greyhound, we release different solidarity products to help foundations that are dedicated to rescuing them and finding new opportunities for them,” he explains. Unfortunately, greyhounds and hunting dogs are one of the most unprotected and abused breeds. “Putting our part in raising awareness and helping our brand has become one of our main objectives,” she concludes.