Last week, Hailey and Justin Bieber revolutionized social media with the announcement that they were expecting their first child. The couple had played tricks on the pregnancy for several weeks, since an image of the model had been spread in a vaporous dress that showed off her pre-mother curves.

Finally, the top and the singer confirmed the news with some beautiful images of the ceremony where they renewed their wedding vows and where Hailey could be seen in a romantic white lace dress that left her six-month pregnant belly visible.

The model has let a few days pass to reappear on Instagram, where she has published several photographs of the looks she has worn in this sweet stage of her life. In the different snapshots you can see Bieber with a denim jumpsuit, with a basic white short-sleeved t-shirt or with a top that for some will be familiar.

Hailey has shown off her maternity curves with the same garment that Cristina Pedroche also wore last year when she was expecting her daughter Laia. The model has chosen a Blumarine top that stands out for its butterfly shape, a piece that Mariah Carey made very fashionable in the 2000s and that a couple of years ago returned to street style with Dua Lipa.

Hailey has worn a pink piece with sequins embroidered in the same tone. She pairs it with baggy jeans, the same outfit that Cristina Pedroche wore to a Samsung event when she was in her sixth month of pregnancy.

On that occasion, the presenter caught everyone’s attention with the butterfly top made of denim fabric and decorated with studs. A design that had a price of almost 500 euros and that she also wore with pants, in her case, cargo style and loose cut.