Lil Wayne Celebrates Domino’s Giving Out $10 Million in Free Pizza

In an exclusive announcement, Domino’s has revealed that customers can now order their favorite pizzas through Uber Eats, and to celebrate this partnership, the chain is giving away $10 million worth of free pizza on the delivery service. This exciting news has caught the attention of none other than rapper Lil Wayne, who has decided to remix his hit song “A Milli” to “10 milli” in honor of this massive deal.

Lil Wayne, a long-time fan of Domino’s takeout food, expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating that having Domino’s on Uber Eats will make ordering his favorite Ultimate Pepperoni or Memphis BBQ pizzas much easier. The rapper even shared that he enjoys pairing his pizzas with bread bites and ranch and garlic sauce for a simple and delicious meal.

In a new commercial for the Uber Eats x Domino’s collaboration, Lil Wayne is seen surrounded by stacks of Domino’s pizza boxes, showcasing his surprise at the abundance of pizza. The commercial reveals that Domino’s is now available on Uber Eats after 10 years, prompting the chain to give away $10 million in free pizza. Lil Wayne’s infectious energy and enthusiasm are on full display as he dances through the pizza boxes and celebrates the “10 milli” deal.

To take advantage of this offer, customers simply need to order Domino’s through Uber Eats, with a limit of one free pizza per week until the $10 million worth of pizza is distributed. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enjoy some delicious Domino’s pizza on the house, courtesy of this exciting partnership between Domino’s and Uber Eats.