Dressed in red and white, the colors with which the Red Cross is identified, the Queen presided this morning, in Oviedo, over the central event of her World Day, in which, in one more of her eloquent interventions, Letizia highlighted that “no matter what happens, wars, catastrophes, vulnerability, poverty, inequality, exclusion, lack of opportunities, we will always find an outstretched hand in this organization.”

Coinciding with the 160th anniversary of the Red Cross in Spain, the Queen has presided over the awarding of medals to the San Camilo healthcare centre, the Spanish Federation of Rare Diseases, the Neuroderechos Foundation, the filmmaker Fernando León de Aranoa, the scientist Fernando Valladares and the Servimedia Agency.

They are people and entities that, according to the Queen, share the values ​​of the Red Cross: ”Dignified and fair care for the most vulnerable, the sensitivity of someone who knows how to look with a camera at those who are not usually their target, the tireless search for equity for those who suffer from minor diseases, the analysis of sustainable and supportive economic models.”

Letizia has not forgotten the love she feels for the city in which she was born and before finishing her speech she invited those present to enjoy her land: “Don’t stay too long because otherwise it’s hard to leave,” she told them.

To preside over the event, the Queen has chosen the corporate colors of the Red Cross. A jacket with a matching top in tweet from the Mango brand and wide-leg white pants that match the sports shoes that she has been wearing since she injured a toe on her right foot. In this case, a pair of Vivobarefoot, which she debuted last week in tribute to the National Police