At the end of June it will be one year since Mediaset made the decision to close Sálvame. The afternoon show that Jorge Javier Vázquez presented on Telecinco for 14 years ended its broadcasts in a controversial manner, resulting in new experiences for his long-time collaborators. The first step was every man for himself on Netflix, before giving the original format a second chance.

Not even if we were Shhh has premiered in style on both Twitch and YouTube through the Quickie Channel, making it the most viewed live show in Spain on both platforms this Wednesday. One of the most striking moments of the broadcast, which lasted a total of three hours, was Kiko Hernández’s call to María Patiño, entering the set despite being busy with her work The Wedding of the Year.

During their conversation, in which they touched on several current issues of the heart, they dropped a subtle barb at Ana Rosa Quintana, presenter of the program that was in charge of replacing them on the Fuencarral television grid: TardeAR. “At the rate your followers are going, you have very little left to beat the other,” she said sardonically, generating a brief and small confusion among her colleagues in Miami.

“What else?” María Patiño asked without being completely clear. “A ARRRR,” Hernández replied, in clear allusion to the name of the presenter and her program, an acronym that has always been associated with the communicator. “No, no, now, Kiko, there is room for everyone,” said Patiño, who soon ended the connection. It was not the only delicate matter that Kiko has discussed during the video call.

Minutes before, Kiko Matamoros had responded forcefully to Alejandra Rubio: “What has happened hurts me, what I understand as a disgusting betrayal. It is up to me to tell her here and to her face when I see her what I truly feel and what I have felt and what it seems to me. I don’t care if he denies it, it is evidence and it is recorded here. I repeat: I have ammunition to get rid of you. They have sent me recordings of her.”

Given these forceful words, his namesake has assured that it was time for someone to “put the members of the Campos clan in their place,” even questioning where the lawsuit was that they were theoretically going to file against him. Likewise, the man from Madrid had words for Mediaset after learning of the challenge of the first program: reaching 200 paying subscribers to start the program this Thursday at the doors of Fuencarral.