The reunion of the members of Locomía after three decades revealed a plot of loves and heartbreaks that marked the end of the iconic group. In an exclusive interview for ‘And now Sonsoles’, the members recalled their meteoric rise and abrupt fall, attributing much of their disagreements to a love triangle that fractured the unity of the group.

“When we were going to become the biggest thing, we came to nothing. Fame went to our heads, we thought we were above good and evil and we made mistakes, which we want to correct now,” confessed Carlos Armas, one of the original members of Locomía.

According to revelations from Xavier Font, the creator of the essence of Locomía, he maintained a polyamorous relationship with two of the original members, Gard and Manolo, but his interest shifted to Carlos Armas, who replaced Gard in the group. This love transition marked the beginning of a toxic dynamic full of mistrust within the group, fueled by Font’s jealousy and insecurities.

“The atmosphere within the group became unbreathable. Jealousy and romantic tensions overshadowed our music,” Manolo commented in the interview, referring to the situation that eventually led to the group’s breakup. “He was a very selfish person, very self-centered, and he didn’t care about your feelings. He only sought to satisfy his wallet, his heart and his sexuality,” Carlos added.

The continuous disputes and fights within the group finally led Xavier Font, under the advice of José Luis Gil, the group’s representative and music producer, to make the decision to leave Locomía. Although Gil’s arrival seemed to balance Font’s leadership, internal tensions persisted, bringing the group to the brink of the abyss.

The love triangle between the original members of Locomía left emotional consequences that finally led to its dissolution. Despite attempts to find a solution in Madrid, the deep open wounds between the group’s members proved to be insurmountable, putting an end to a golden era in the history of Spanish music.