The 2024 Cannes Film Festival promised to be very emotional, and this has been demonstrated with a video that has caused tenderness on social networks. In it, Juliette Binoche dedicates some profound words to Meryl Streep, who received the Honorary Palme d’Or this Tuesday.

The exciting opening ceremony drew tears and applause alike from those present, who came to the film festival with one goal in mind: to celebrate the career of Meryl Streep, a legend of the seventh art.

“You changed the way we look at women in the world of cinema, and you also helped us have a new vision of ourselves,” said interpreter Juliette Binoche, visibly moved; The French woman was in charge of presenting him with the award.

As for the star of the night, she received a standing ovation: “This award is unique in the world of cinema and I am very honored to receive it,” said Streep from the stage of the Grand Theater Lumière.

Meryl Streep, who has three Oscars, was already awarded by the prestigious French Riviera festival thirty-five years ago, when she was crowned best actress for A Scream in the Dark. At that time she thought that her career’s days were numbered: “It wasn’t her – she reflected – an unrealistic expectation at the time, it was a reasonable forecast.”

However, the American actress has carved out a unique career in cinema thanks to titles such as Out of Africa, Sophie’s Choice and The Devil Wears Prada. Her humor and her ability to not take herself too seriously were some of the traits highlighted by Binoche, which she presented with the Palm of Honor.