Last Saturday, May 11, Switzerland won the 68th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 with Nemo and his song The Code. The most anticipated musical event of the year was held for a whole week at the Malmö Arena pavilion, located in the Swedish city of Malmö. The Swiss candidacy swept the final of the contest, achieving the highest score from the professional juries, 365 points, and the massive support of the public, with 226 points.

A score that took Switzerland and Nemo to the top of the rankings, where Spain had to settle for 22nd place and only 30 points. The Eurovision final has given a lot of talk in recent days and this past Monday, May 13, many television programs addressed the most controversial edition of the musical contest.

This was the case of El Hormiguero. This past Monday, May 13, the program’s collaborators commented on the Eurovision final during their well-known gathering. One of the first to address the subject was Juan del Val. Nuria Roca’s husband left the presenter and the entire table speechless with his surprising opinion.

”I’m unable to watch it (Eurovision), but I have to say that what happened to Spain seemed like an injustice to me, I love the song,” he began by saying. ”We were hoping that you would like something,” Pablo Motos responded. ”When you go to a bar, there is a party and people are happy, you play this great song and people enjoy it a lot. It’s going to ring all summer. In this, Pedro Sánchez was right,’ explained the collaborator.

However, Nuria Roca’s husband was not very happy with the vocalist of the musical duo, Mery Bass. ”The girl doesn’t sing well and she doesn’t dance well,” he stressed. ”Maybe next year we could make a little effort and bring someone who will say: ‘Man!” confessed the presenter. ”Chanel was on the verge of winning and didn’t win for Ukraine,” the writer recalled.

Despite the criticism, the Spanish representatives were very happy with the public’s response during their performance, although they clarified that not everything had gone perfect. ”Our goal was for a worthy performance to come out. I am a very perfectionist and I have been listening to every note and I still see something to improve,” the vocalist declared at the press conference.