Jorge Javier Vázquez is one of the most recognized presenters. The Catalan is currently presenting Survivors 2024, and on Thursday night he starred in one of the most notable anecdotes of the last gala with one of the defenders of the survivors. Specifically, it was Eduardo Peréz Caballero, Miri’s father, who goes to the pageant galas to defend his daughter. However, little by little Eduardo has been capturing the attention of the public due to his ingenious character. This Thursday, the presenter wanted to show his interest in Catalan, leaving a moment to remember.

During her stay in the contest, it was Miri herself who explained her family history, revealing what she felt when she found out about her father’s sexual orientation. However, in his appearances on set, Eduardo has stayed on the sidelines and has focused on his daughter’s role in the contest, leaving his personal life aside. However, Jorge Javier, among jokes, has made a rapprochement with the sculptor.

As soon as he entered the set, the presenter from Badalona showed off the contestant’s father. “Sorry, I just saw Miri’s father in shorts and I got nervous. What an outrage,” he said, making the sculptor laugh. “We have crossed the equator and the heat is beginning,” he continued joking, showing off the good relationship that exists between the two.

But it didn’t stay that way. “We are in May, in the summer are you going to come like Maite Galdeano?” the presenter said later, bringing out the colors of the sculptor, who took these comments with humor and followed the Catalan’s flow. After talking about the relationship between Kiko Jiménez and Sofía Suescun, Jorge Javier wanted to ask Laura Matamoros about the talks he had had in Honduras with Miri.

“What did he tell you about his father?” asked the presenter. “Man, surely there would be some kind of attraction between you and him,” said Matamoros in Survivors. “Man, I find Jorge very attractive,” said the sculptor, making the presenter blush. “What I was missing, it makes me warm,” he responded with a laugh. “We’ll talk,” he said.

Regarding their possible date in the future, the contestant’s father assured that “everything has to be without cameras.” “Man, at our ages we can’t waste time, we fold a napkin at any moment,” the communicator expressed with a laugh. “We have to be very bad at not fucking tonight,” he ended up saying at one point during the night.

When it was time for the nominations, Jorge Javier took advantage of the privacy to talk to Miri. “I’m going to tell you something that will make you very happy. “I get along very well with your father,” he said. “Oh I love it. How cool. You are great, I love that,” said the contestant, laughing. “Has it crossed your mind at any point in your life that you would be forced to call me dad?” said Jorge Javier, causing laughter from the audience and Miri herself.