John Laurinaitis Responds to Janel Grant, Vince McMahon Lawsuit

Former WWE employee John Laurinaitis has submitted a statement regarding the ongoing lawsuit filed against him, WWE, and Vince McMahon by Janel Grant.
Grant had recently agreed to halt the legal proceedings at the request of the US Attorney’s office for a confidential investigation. However, Laurinaitis’ legal team has now filed a document outlining three key facts in support of moving the lawsuit to private arbitration. They argue that Laurinaitis should be exempt from the lawsuit due to a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) signed with WWE and McMahon.
In his filing, Laurinaitis states that as an employee of WWE, he was considered a “released party” from any potential legal actions brought by Grant. He also highlights that any disputes related to the NDA should be resolved through binding arbitration as per the terms of the agreement.
This latest development comes after Laurinaitis had previously asserted that he, too, was a victim in the situation involving McMahon and Grant. His legal representative had emphasized that Laurinaitis was not the aggressor in the case, but rather a victim awaiting the truth to be revealed.
The legal battle continues as both parties await further proceedings in the case.