Joaquín Torres is experiencing one of the worst moments of his life. The well-known architect is facing several problems that make it difficult for him to lift his head. The death of his mother is compounded by his health complications. Something that, in addition, has ended up generating a serious crisis in his marriage with Raúl Prieto.

And, as if that were not enough, the open war he has with his brother is just blowing up the mental health of the television collaborator. As he has explained on several occasions, Julio Torres would have committed a “scam” by staying with the family business, leaving his parents without money. Something that he did not hesitate to put back on the table in his last interview for Semana magazine.

As the architect explained, his father set up a company after selling his stake in a construction company. Something that made him a lot of money. All of his brothers were working in that company except him, who decided to dedicate himself to something else.

However, little by little they saw how Julio “ended up being the sole administrator of all the companies.” A fact that he does not label as a “mistake,” but rather makes it clear that he “kept everything.”

This meant that Joaquín’s parents began to have financial problems. “The tap was so cut off that my mother couldn’t go out because she owed money at the butcher shop, fishmonger…,” he added in the aforementioned medium. With this, he is clear that he wants to recover the assets for his father, since his mother is no longer alive.

Among other things, he has put on the table what hurt his mother the most: “that she took the jewelry.” And she has also stated that her brother took “a collection of paintings valued at more than 20 million euros.”

And although she now has a very bad relationship with Julio Torres, it has never been very good, but rather it has been “complicated” because they were always compared. “There is no human being who has disappointed me so much and who has so little morals,” she added. But she does not stop there, without cutting herself, she wanted to make a portrait of his personality: “he is a psychopath, he does not suffer.”

Although he is determined to fight, he can’t help but get emotional every time he thinks about his mother, someone he was very fond of. To him, she “was everything” and she was a person who “never got angry with anyone.” It is not surprising that he is having such a hard time, considering that the funeral took place only two months ago.