Donald Trump Found Guilty on All 34 Counts in New York Criminal Trial

In a groundbreaking development, former U.S. President Donald Trump has been convicted on all 34 counts in his New York criminal hush money trial. The verdict, which came after seven long weeks of courtroom drama, has sent shockwaves across the nation. Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel didn’t miss a beat in his reaction to the news, taking the opportunity to deliver some scathing jokes at Trump’s expense.

Kimmel wasted no time in poking fun at Trump, quipping that “Donald Trump’s diaper is full” after the guilty verdict was announced. The trial, which centered around a hush money payment to porn star Stormy Daniels, featured gripping testimony, emotional outbursts, and even moments of levity in the courtroom. With the guilty verdict now official, the nation waits to see what the next chapter holds for the former president.

As Trump faces the prospect of sentencing on July 11, Kimmel couldn’t resist speculating on what punishment might be in store. From community service to house arrest, Kimmel painted a vivid picture of Trump picking up trash on the side of the road or navigating the challenges of confinement. The late-night host’s sharp wit and comedic timing added a lighthearted touch to the serious legal proceedings.

The back-and-forth between Kimmel and Trump is nothing new, with the two public figures engaging in verbal sparring matches in recent months. From fact-checking Trump’s Oscars commentary to playful jabs at each other’s expense, the dynamic between the late-night host and the former president has kept audiences entertained and engaged.

As the fallout from the guilty verdict continues to unfold, one thing is certain: the drama is far from over. With Kimmel’s signature humor and keen observations, the story of Donald Trump’s legal woes takes center stage in the national conversation. Stay tuned for more updates as this gripping saga unfolds.

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