The Israeli broadcaster KAN has confirmed today that Israel will not be represented at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2024, which will take place in Madrid. This decision comes after Israel abandoned the contest in 2019, and the confirmation was issued by the station’s press department without providing any explanation for it.

Israel debuted in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2012 with the group, which achieved eighth place with the song “Let the Music Win.”

However, after its debut, Israel has only participated on two more occasions: in 2016 and 2018. In the latter year, in Minsk, Noam Dadon performed “Children Like These”, reaching 14th place with 81 points.

Israel’s absence from the 2024 Junior Eurovision Song Contest marks a turning point in the country’s participation in the Eurovision junior contest, leaving fans of the contest uncertain about the future of Israeli representation in future events.

KAN has not provided details on the reasons behind this decision, leaving the Eurofan community with questions about the reason for Israel’s withdrawal from the contest.