Moisés, a 35-year-old Paraguayan man, lived a nightmare just over two weeks ago when he went out partying and ended up being kidnapped in Madrid.

As reported this afternoon on Telecinco’s TardeAR program, he was approached by a couple in Paraíso Park, near the house where he was held, who took him to an apartment where three more people were consuming drugs. What started out as a night of fun turned into a situation of horror when Moses attempted to leave and was held against his will.

For 12 hours, Moisés was subjected to torture that included beatings, punches, the use of a shotgun and a pistol, and even having his hand pierced with a knife. The attackers, whose objective was to obtain money, threatened to kill him if he told what happened. In addition, they forced him to ask for several Bizum from his friends and his boss to obtain funds.

“I received all kinds of torture: kicks, punches, they hit me with a shotgun and they put a gun in my mouth,” Moisés recounted his horrendous experience. “They came to take out ropes to tie me and put a gun in my mouth. I don’t know why so much aggression, if I was collaborating with them,” he added.

The victim reported that the couple with whom he had gone out to party were acquaintances, but not close friends, and that they initially planned to have a beer at a place, but were invited to go up to a flat. Once there, Moses felt uncomfortable and wanted to leave, but he was taken to a room where he began his ordeal.

He finally managed to escape when the kidnappers took everything they could from him. On the street, a man offered him help and he called the police.

Riot officers burst into the house and arrested the five kidnappers: two women, ages 38 and 39, and three men, ages 55, 44, and 32. All are Spanish, except one who has Romanian nationality.