Good morning and welcome to the latest news update. Let’s dive into the top headlines of the day. Biden’s doctor has released a letter addressing concerns about the president’s fitness for office. Some Democrats are questioning whether President Biden is capable of handling the job. On Capitol Hill, Democrats are planning meetings to discuss Biden’s candidacy and its future. Former President Trump has predicted which Democrat might secure the nomination if Biden is forced to drop out of the race.

Residents in some cities are reportedly fed up with progressives destroying their communities. Experts have uncovered a crucial misstep that could undermine Alec Baldwin’s defense in the ongoing investigation.

Senate Democrats are set to discuss Biden’s candidacy at a caucus meeting. The president has denounced media and political elites in a recent call to ‘Morning Joe.’ Meanwhile, NATO is building up its collective defense ahead of the upcoming US presidential election.

First lady scolds a reporter for asking questions about Biden potentially dropping out of the race. Biden himself has criticized the same ‘elites’ who supported him during his nomination process. There have been clashes between reporters and White House staff over visits by a neurologist.

In other news, Duke Medical School has claimed that ‘timeliness’ and ‘individualism’ are part of ‘White supremacy culture.’ Satanists are planning to volunteer in Florida schools in protest of Governor DeSantis’s push for more religion in education. Companies are increasing emotional benefits to address disengaged workers.

On a lighter note, the Kettering Police Department in Ohio had an interesting call involving chasing chickens. Test your knowledge of American culture with a quiz on pop stars, sports cars, and more.

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