The situation of María del Monte and Antonio Tejado has been one of the most talked about news in the world of the heart both in 2023 and 2024. It was in August of last year when the attack on the singer’s mansion in Gines took place, where Both she and her partner, Inmaculada Casal, were affected. A month later, in a Civil Guard operation, the Sevillian’s nephew was arrested for his involvement in the case.

In the midst of a trial for the crime and accused of being its intellectual author, the former television collaborator has focused the attention of many television programs and specialized online platforms, including Canal Quickie. It is there, during the second program of Ni que fuerámos Shhh, that María Patiño has given an exclusive regarding the events: Inmaculada Casal would be the main cause of a schism in María’s family.

The presenter of the new format referred to an event that involved both Antonio Tejado’s mother and the detainee himself. In her words, both consider that del Monte’s relationship with Casal changed the singer’s attitude and behavior, ensuring that “she was never the same again.” Patiño pointed out during her explanation that the artist even skipped the funerals of two of her brothers.

Within this same line, they consider that Inmaculada has affected not only Mary herself, but also her relationship with the rest of the family. In this sense, they consider that her partner isolated her from the rest of her loved ones, which is why she would have made a decision that would be considered a point of no return. In the words of Patiño, Tejado’s mother considered never communicating with María or Inmaculada again.

The connection between the collaborators of Ni que fuerámos Shhh and María del Monte goes back a long way, due to a lawsuit that the singer filed with Sálvame in 2021. Jorge Javier Vázquez’s program attributed a courtship to her throughout four different programs during that year, which caused the Sevillian to act legally. It was at the beginning of May that the court ruled in favor and forced the defunct program to pay.

The ruling signed by the Provincial Court of Seville stated that “the defendant committed illegitimate interference in the right to honor and personal privacy of María del Monte.” According to its resolution, the Sálvame Limón, Sálvame Naranja and Sálvame Tomate programs on February 15 and 16, 2021 gave “unverified information and regarding acts related to the private life and intimacy of the plaintiff.”