A French movie titled “A Little Something Extra” has taken the country by storm, becoming the highest-grossing French film since before the pandemic. This heartwarming comedy, released on May 1, features an ensemble cast of young non-professionals with various disabilities and has already grossed an estimated €50.7 million from 7.2 million tickets sold as of June 16.

Unlike its predecessor “La Famille Belier,” which starred well-known European actors, “A Little Something Extra” has captured the hearts of audiences with its genuine qualities and inclusive storytelling. The film follows the story of a son and his father who unwittingly find themselves at a summer camp for young adults with disabilities after robbing a shop in a small town.

Despite not having big stars, the movie’s success has been monumental, playing on 1,000 screens across France and attracting a diverse audience of all ages. Its popularity has even led to international remake deals with major distributors in countries such as Germany, Italy, and Australia, among others.

The journey to bring “A Little Something Extra” to the big screen was not an easy one, as producers Pierre Forette and Thierry Wong had to overcome several obstacles to secure financing and distribution. With a small budget of €6.1 million, the film required a collaborative effort from various partners and producers to bring Artus’s vision to life.

Artus, a well-known French standup comedian, made his feature directing debut with “A Little Something Extra” and ensured that the casting process included individuals with disabilities who added authenticity and humor to the story. The film’s success can be attributed to Artus’s personal promotion efforts, touring France with his standup show and generating excitement for the film through engaging trailers and QR code reservations.

The heartwarming response from audiences, especially from those who may not frequent cinemas regularly, has been a testament to the film’s impact and ability to inspire inclusivity and acceptance. “A Little Something Extra” has proven that a compelling story and genuine performances can resonate with a wide range of viewers, transcending language and cultural barriers.

As the film continues to break records and capture hearts both in France and internationally, it serves as a beacon of hope for future filmmakers and producers to trust their instincts and take risks on projects that may not fit the traditional Hollywood mold. The success of “A Little Something Extra” is a reminder that storytelling has the power to unite audiences and create meaningful connections that last long after the credits roll.