Iñaki López is one of Atresmedia’s most popular presenters. After a long period at the helm of La Sexta’s weekend nighttime current affairs program, La Sexta Noche, the Basque began a new television career in the network’s afternoons and alongside other of the most popular professionals of the audiovisual group, Cristina Pardo. From Monday to Friday, both present the magazine Más Vale Tarda, which Mamen Mendizábal previously presented. 

This past Thursday, May 23, the presenters of the program starred in a unique moment in which they tasted food, but above all they made their palates suffer. Pablo Ojeda and the winner of the third edition of MasterChef, Carlos Maldonado, had prepared a spectacular tasting of hot sauces. 

While the former contestant on the La 1 culinary program cooked some deviled eggs, Iñaki López and Cristina Pardo had the task of trying all the spicy sauces that the cook had brought. The Basque presenter already warned from the first moment that he “was a person sensitive to spiciness”, but even so he dared to try the sauce, a priori, less spicy. 

”My eyes have sunken. “I would describe it as a bitch,” said the presenter after tasting the first sauce. Although he had had a bad drink, the presenter was determined to continue with the tasting because “they had come to play.” However, the tasting turned out to be much worse than the first and the presenter was not even able to open his eyes. ”I see myself possessed by Rafael Amargo right now,” he said. 

But the worst had not yet come, since Pablo Ojeda warned that the third was even worse. ”Be careful, the third is a thousand times higher,” he assured. After tasting a good amount of sauce, the Basque began to walk around the set coughing and making a fuss. ”Fuck, this is fucking hell on Earth. “How horrible!” he confessed. ”You’ve done it,” Carlos Maldonado joked. Despite the suffering, the presenter dared to try the last one while he observed that his partner was enjoying the sauces without any problem. 

In addition, one of the program’s collaborators, Juande Colmenero, appeared on scene to try one of the sauces. The surprise came when the presenter did not flinch when taking the sauce and assured that López “was lazy” because the sauce was very mild.