Six months ago, Gabriela Guillén’s life changed radically. On December 30, her first child was born, whose name is unknown, and which the businesswoman has always maintained is the result of her relationship with Bertín Osborne. A paternity that the artist accepted until almost the moment of the child’s birth, at which time he stated that he would only assume prior confirmation with a paternity test.

Since then, the relationship between the singer and the Paraguayan businesswoman has gone from bad to worse. So much so that they are now facing each other in court over this issue. Months later, things are still the same or worse. Gabriela Guillén has returned after a few weeks in Paraguay, where she traveled to introduce her son to her family; but she comes back with her batteries charged: she is alone, but more prepared than ever for whatever comes her way.

“I am a strong woman,” declares the businesswoman, in an interview she gave to Vanitatis upon her return from Paraguay, where her family supported her and she finally met her son. “I really miss them,” she admits.

There, in addition, she had the opportunity to go more unnoticed and does not deal with the media pressure that she has to face in Spain, where without going any further, the other day a person on the street called her a “gold digger.” The Paraguayan admits that she “should not react to those types of comments,” but she recognizes that she had a very bad time. “It hurts me a lot. I’m sick to death and very tired. “I don’t understand the insults.”

The businesswoman insists that she does not understand why she is constantly insulted for the simple fact of having had a child with a famous person. “The only thing I have done in my life is work,” she insists, “I have been doing it since I was 15 years old. I do not owe anybody anything”.

What’s more, indignant, she reiterates that she does not receive any type of help from anyone, except the State. The businesswoman assures that she is alone, she is not “taking advantage of anyone,” she is autonomous and only receives her maternity benefit. “It is my right to be a taxpayer in Spain.”

After these statements, Bertín Osborne would have already reacted, and not exactly well. Apparently, the singer’s entourage not only denies that the Paraguayan woman has not received help from the artist, but they insist that she would have done so without the certainty that the baby was her son.

These same sources consider that the businesswoman’s statements are quite a provocation, and that they would only represent a new obstacle in the already battered relationship between them.