There are people who need to make a change in their life for various reasons, either because they are not comfortable with their daily lives or because the monotony ends up weighing them down. But the 180-degree turn that Juan Pablo D’orto made is not surprising because it has grabbed several headlines: he has gone from being a Catholic monk to embracing polyamory and bisexuality.

This man decided to leave all his beliefs behind to try to be happier, something that seems to have been achieved. So much so, that I even participated in a debate on equal marriage, being on the side that defended the opposite: “I was 16 years old and well, today I am bisexual, I dress as a woman, I live in my house with my three partners, one of them is a man, the rest are two women.”

Juan Pablo’s life was totally marked by Catholic belief from his childhood. He was raised in an environment in which tradition was the order of the day and his family had the thought of monogamy ingrained. Therefore, from a very young age he decided to be part of the church.

“I participated in a traditionalist congregation that is called, depending on which country you are listening to, tradition, family or property, a fundamentalist organization of the Second Vatican Council,” he said in an interview for José Benegas’s YouTube channel.

“I began to wonder if it wasn’t possible to love more people,” he confessed. And those types of questions that were on his mind made him decide to try new things. With this, he decided to open the relationship with his first partner, Cecilia. Something that happened almost fifteen years ago and that he feels is one of the best decisions he has made.

“I began to wonder if it wasn’t possible to love more people: ‘Can’t I have a better time? Can’t my partner have a better time with another man or a woman? Why couldn’t it be like that if all Are we different people?’” he continued explaining.

But, without a doubt, if something was difficult for him, it was taking the step of abandoning his religion. However, now he can do nothing but criticize everything he was a part of from the point of view of his experience. “His only job is to break the balls of the rest, it is to fabricate pieces of history, fabricate saints, idols for interests, that Church made me open the relationship,” he stated about the religion of which he was a part.

Currently, not only does he live happily in a polyamorous family, but within it there is room for the children who live together in the family nucleus. After her decision, she not only has to fight against criticism, but she is clear that she wants to carry love and mutual respect as her flag. Something that their partners share.