At the beginning of March, Diego Matamoros announced in his Instagram Stories that he had ended his relationship with the influencer Marta Riumbau. A decision that everyone remembered on the afternoon of Tuesday, February 7, when the content creator announced great news: she was pregnant and was going to be a solo mother.

Riumbau announced her good news through an emotional video on Instagram, in which she recounted the process and showed her emerging maternity curves. A stage for which many of his friends and acquaintances have already sent him their best wishes. Among others, that of Estela Grande, Diego Matamoros’ ex-wife, who did not hesitate to send a message to the influencer after hearing the news.

“Brave, congratulations!” writes the model, who was married to Diego Matamoros, with whom the future mother had a relationship for two years.

A message that attracted a lot of attention among Riumbau’s followers, because despite the fact that both women work as content creators on social networks, which has led them to coincide in numerous events; Few knew not only about their relationship, but that it was so good.

Diego Matamoros and Marta Riumbau broke up their relationship after two years together, seeing that they were not able to overcome a serious crisis as a couple that they had been suffering for months. A complicated moment, which finally materialized in the form of a statement in the month of March, just two years after making their courtship official with a post on social networks.

A statement that arrived at the beginning of March, which would have coincided with the influencer’s first month of pregnancy, who has already confirmed that on January 15, 2024 she made the decision to be a single mother, just after having spent Christmas with the son of Kiko Matamoros, who no longer lived at home.

Diego Matamoros, like Estela Grande, has also reacted to Marta’s publication. Instead of commenting, Laura Matamoros’ brother has simply “liked” the publication, as other well-known people have done, such as Dulceida, Susana Molina or Anabel Pantoja, among others.

On February 5, Marta Riumbau took the most important step, as the embryo transfer was performed. “Finally it was you and one day, when you are a little older, I will sit down with you and explain everything to you,” the influencer comments in her video, in which she addresses her future baby directly.

“I will tell you that you are the most desired baby in the world and that I couldn’t wait any longer to meet you and that it is you and me; “That you are special and I am going to do my best to make you the happiest person in the world, but for now, be good and stay in here for about 23 more weeks while I prepare our whole world out here,” she writes.