Eric Star Discusses Working with Benedict Cumberbatch in New Netflix Series

Queer actor McKinley Belcher III recently shared his experience working with Benedict Cumberbatch in the new Netflix thriller, Eric.

Belcher stars alongside Cumberbatch in the series, playing the role of Michael Ledroit, a queer detective in New York during the 80s Aids epidemic. He describes working with Cumberbatch as “refreshing, intriguing” and “incredibly exciting.”

In an interview with PinkNews, Belcher expressed his admiration for Cumberbatch’s work ethic and collaborative spirit on set. He praised Cumberbatch for his dedication to the story and his willingness to dive deep into the character.

The series follows Cumberbatch’s character, Vincent, as he searches for his missing son with the help of an imaginary monster puppet named Eric. Belcher highlighted the complexity of Cumberbatch’s performance, especially in scenes involving the puppet.

In addition to the central mystery of Edgar’s disappearance, Eric also explores themes of homelessness, racism, and homophobia in 80s New York. Belcher emphasized the importance of telling human stories and reflecting on societal issues through the characters’ journeys.

Belcher drew parallels between his character, Ledroit, and Cumberbatch’s character, Vincent, noting that both are on a journey of self-discovery and healing. He believes that by confronting their traumas, the characters are able to grow and evolve throughout the series.

Overall, Belcher expressed his excitement for viewers to experience Eric and see the dynamic performances of the cast, including Cumberbatch. The series is now available for streaming on Netflix.

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