On June 7, 2024, Dead & Company took the stage at the Las Vegas Sphere for their Dead Forever residency. This particular show marked the 11th performance in the series, where the band explores their extensive catalog in unique ways. Led by Bob Weir, the band surprised fans with the series debut of “Looks Like Rain,” a slow and moving country ballad that has become a fan favorite over the years.

The evening kicked off with the upbeat “Uncle John’s Band,” followed by a lively rendition of “Franklin’s Tower” from the Blues for Allah album. The setlist included other classics like “Loose Lucy” and “Ship of Fools,” showcasing the band’s versatility. As the first set came to a close with “Eyes of the World,” the audience was left in a state of blissful excitement.

The second set opened with “St. Stephen” and continued with “Scarlet Begonias” and “He’s Gone,” before venturing into the improvisational masterpiece “Dark Star.” The band explored new territory with “Drums” and “Space,” allowing each member to showcase their talents. The highlight of the evening was the debut of “Looks Like Rain,” a poignant and emotional performance that captivated the audience.

To wrap up the night, Dead & Company played crowd favorites like “Truckin’,” “Throwing Stones,” and “Casey Jones.” Fans can look forward to more exciting performances as the Dead Forever residency continues at the Las Vegas Sphere until August 10, 2024. For tickets and additional information, visit the band’s official website at