During the last few months, different celebrities from the political, social and television scene have taken a public position regarding the conflict between Israel and Palestine. At the last Goya Awards gala, some famous faces wore badges with ceasefire messages, which caused a great social stir.

A few days ago, international actress Cate Blanchett appeared on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival in a dress that made a clear nod to the flag of Palestine. The artist’s gesture has been widely applauded by a sector of the population, but it has also been highly criticized by countless users on the Internet.

We are facing a topical issue in major events, since, weeks before, at the Eurovision Song Contest, society was also divided between those who defined Israel’s actions in the Palestinian area as ”a genocide” and those who They justified the actions of Benjamin Netanyahu’s country.

Yesterday, to the surprise of the audience, the program La Resistencia stopped the humorous tone of the space for a few seconds to vindicate the struggle of the Palestinian people, something that has been highly celebrated on social networks such as X (a platform previously known as Twitter).

Yesterday’s guest, Rafael Ruiz Amador, better known by his stage name RVFV, seemed very comfortable at all times with David Broncano. After a few minutes of interviews, the Movistar Plus presenter asked him about some details of his outfit and highlighted his necklaces.

At that moment, the artist showed the camera the pendant of the Unión Deportiva Almería, a team from his homeland. However, the young man captured all the attention when he showed another emblem that he wore around his neck: the Palestinian flag. ”I carry the flag of Palestine. It’s from my manager who is Palestinian. Palestinian Force, free Palestine,’ said the artist, visibly proud of defending his ideals on the small screen.

While the young man gave his explanation and showed rejection of the Israeli action in Asian territory, Broncano began to applaud and added a few brief, but concise words on the subject: ”Our support there for those people, eh.”

The video of the program has gone viral on the social network X and dozens of people have shared their opinion on the subject. Although some have appreciated such an allegation in a widely watched television program, many others have harshly criticized the young man’s political speech: ”Ignorance as a flag”, ”How great”, ”I didn’t even know who the kid was , but I already like him”, ”I don’t know what to think about using ostentation to support a cause”, etc.