Tamara Falcó is left without a wedding dress two months after her wedding with Íñigo Onieva. A piece of news that caught everyone off guard, including the protagonist, as she assured Hola magazine. Some statements that were denied by the firm Sophie et voilà, which ratified having communicated it to the interested party for two weeks.

Before the commotion created, all the television programs tried to contact the Marquesa de Griñón, without any success. Except Cristina Pardo in Her Better Afternoon. The presenter of La Sexta, in addition to chatting for a few minutes with her partner from El Hormiguero, downplayed the matter by releasing one of her funny jokes. “If you want, I’ll leave you mine,” Pardo offered to Falcó after what happened.

Tamara Falcó broke her silence on television this Tuesday in the Cristina Pardo program. She did so after the presenter called the Marquesa de Griñón with her mobile phone and activated the speakerphone. “I imagine why you call me,” Isabel Preysler’s daughter told her with a laugh, who did not hesitate to give her version of her “not dressed” of hers, as she described it after the harsh statement of Sophie et voilà .

“First of all, how are you?” The communicator wanted to know. “I’m fine”, Falcó assured, “we are not going to get things out of hand because there are hundreds of dresses”. In addition, the socialite confirmed having learned from the press of the contractual break with the firm due to alleged plagiarism.

“You already know that I believe a lot in divine providence. This is all for the better,” she continued. “Today I received a message from Nuria [Roca] saying: ‘This is all for the best,'” she commented, stressing that she did not have a wedding dress. “You can always get married in jeans like Pedroche,” Pardo proposed.

As for the Sophie et voilà statement, in which it is pointed out that it is Tamara Falcó who is breaching the contract by asking to plagiarize the design of another firm, the Marquise de Griñón made it clear that “this is totally false and unfortunately they have had to interfere the lawyers. It’s my wedding dress and it’s not what I imagined. I strongly deny it.”

“I had an inspiration from a dress that I liked a lot. We did a first test, we did a second and everything had changed. There we began to have problems because they had changed the dress without telling me anything ”, Falcó continued with the story.

In fact, the socialite defended herself against this supposed plagiarism, assuring that “copying is one thing and working with inspiration is another, which is a common creative process in all designers who taught me even at the Marangoni school, where studied. You learn that a creative process drinks from many sources of inspiration and what I conveyed to them were my inspirations without the intention of them copying a design”.

And she clarified a relevant point in this story: “Getting married in a dress I don’t like… It’s just that we could go as far as that.” Here, Cristina Pardo wanted to know if her partner will get a wedding dress with seven weeks to go until the wedding. “Thank God, I know a lot of people in the design world. I don’t know who is going to do it to me, I’m putting out fires a little bit, ”she explained. Because “the dress will appear,” she said confidently.

At another given moment, just at the end of the talk between Pardo and Falcó, the journalist, who is one of those invited to the link, was humorous and played a joke on her partner. “Hey, I already have a suit for your wedding. If you want, I’ll leave you mine, ”she blurted out, making the Marquise de Griñón laugh. “How strong that you have a suit and I don’t”, laughed Falcó.

To which the presenter continued in a sarcastic mode: “At this rate we are all going to arrive at your wedding plugged into Lexatin. Because between the time you fall down the stairs, you lose your suit… I don’t know what else can happen to you. Tell divine providence to rest.” A few words that Tamara Falcó laughed at.

And to settle the issue and the call, the socialite launched a hopeful message: “This has hurt me, but there are solutions. And this is for the best.”