Colgay Pride hosting 11th annual 2024 LGBTQ+ Pride Festival

COLUMBUS, Ga. – Colgay Pride is gearing up to host its 11th annual Columbus Georgia LGBTQ+ Pride Festival this Saturday, June 1. The event will span from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. and will be held in the 1000 & 1100 blocks of Broadway in Uptown Columbus.

With an expected turnout of over 6,500 community members, the festival promises a vibrant celebration of love and acceptance. Attendees can look forward to browsing through various vendors, enjoying delicious food, and witnessing the 2024 Columbus Georgia LGBTQ Pride Month Proclamation.

In addition to these exciting activities, the festival will also feature musical performances, a Pride block party, and much more. Best of all, the event is free to the public, making it accessible to all members of the community.

As the date approaches, anticipation is building for what is sure to be a memorable and inclusive event. For those interested in learning more about what to expect at Columbus, Georgia 2024 Pride, additional information can be found by visiting the event’s official website.

Stay tuned for live coverage of the festival and join us as we come together to celebrate diversity and unity in the Columbus LGBTQ+ community.

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